Recreation at „Godeļpols” – a Rope Track and Quadracycles

Recreation at „Godeļpols”: a rope track, quadracycles, waterskiing and winter activities. The rope track „Godeļpols” has been designed up in trees and on the ground offering active recreation for both adults and children. The range of adventureous activities also includes riding a quadracycle down the ‘Round Track’ for beginners and the ‘Wood Track’ for advanced riders. One can enjoy the recreation center’s activities in winter as well – either skating, taking a spin on the old-fashioned merry-go-round or riding a quadracycle on ice. It is located in the territory of the recreation center ‘Godelpols’ on the shore of Lake Usma.

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"Godeļdangas", Ģibuļu pagasts, Talsu novads
57°11'58.765"N 22°12'13.014"E / 57.199657 22.203615
+371 29289349, 29429748, 28338717

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