Sports and Recreation complex "Kamparkalns"

 Two well lightened ski trails of 260 and 350 meter length and 60 and 25 meter hight respectively have been situated just 6 kilometre away from Talsi, at the foot of the hill Kamparkalns. As a matter of convenience, ski lifts are at your disposal.  Children who enjoy skiing will have fun on a hill with 80 meter long trail which is specially adapted for the little skiers.  Skiing equipment, including snowboards, can also be hired there. The hill Kamparkalns being the highest point of the Northern Courland with 174 m lies nearby the ski trail. A 28 m high observation tower has been erected on the top of the hill. The hilly and forest landscape as well as parishes and other objects, whose identification is made easier by pictures installed on the platform, can be seen from the tower. There is a picnic place on the tower, and the visitors can relax in a guest house with sauna, banqueting hall, kitchen and accommodation.

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"Dziļlejas", Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads
57°13'9.422"N 22°38'16.706"E / 57.219284 22.637974
+371 29518415, 29860075, 29992933

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