The Vandzene Manor Ensemble

The Vandzene manor ensemble was built in the beginning of the 19th century using some Classicism style features. From 1849 to 1920 it belonged to the Heikingi family. In 1920 the manor become the state property. The manor ensemble is a symmetrical building complex with accented central axis. The outbuildings that surround the central manor house (beginning of 19th century) are thoroughly rebuilt. The manor complex includes also a free layout landscape park with various exotic tree plantations and a picturesque pond that reflects one of the most expressive household buildings – the distillery (built in the second part of 19th century).  A long and straight ash-tree and maple alley leads to the manor house. The trees that are planted in groups and the white columns of the manor make a splendid colour composition when it is spring or autumn. The excellent Rīga garden architect Andrejs Zeidaks projected the front garden (1937) of the palace. Two cannons were dug vertically into the ground near the manor house – they are the evidences of the art of iron casting technique and the development of artillery in 17th century. Since 1937 the manor house serves as the Vandzene school. The interior was rebuilt according to the needs of the school. In the cellar a cross vaulting has survived. There are tennis courts at the manor.

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Vandzenes skola, Vandzenes pagasts, Talsu novads, LV-3281
57°19'39.396"N 22°48'9.5"E / 57.327610 22.802639
+371 63225081, 26113095

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