Gardens and Lanscape Gardens

Sabile Wine Hill

Sabiles tūrisma informācijas centrs, Pilskalna iela 6, Sabile, Talsu novads
57°2'45.647"N 22°34'40.328"E
+371 63252344, 27841827

"Kurzemes sēklas"

Egļu iela 2, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'10.59"N 22°34'39.871"E
+371 63222134, 63291610

Apple garden in farmstead „Kurzemnieki”

The hosts will show you around their farm and tell you about apple growig and snail farm
„Kurzemnieki”, Lībagu pagasts, Talsu novads
57°14'24.144"N 22°37'18.919"E
+371 29279461

Ornamental Tree and Shrub Nursery "Robežnieki"

Small family tree farm
„Robežnieki", Strazdes pagasts, Talsu novads
57°7'4.717"N 22°44'38.461"E

+371 26153635, 29175483

Daylily garden

During July and August in this garden you can see the biggest (more than 1000 sorts) collection in Eastern Europe of daylilies (Hemerocalis) mostly bred in Latvia.
"Mierkalni", Laucienes pagasts, Talsu novads
57°13'50.279"N 22°44'21.7"E
+371 29422006, 29293456

Plant Nursery "Puķu lauki"

Plant Nursery "Puķu lauki" is a family company that deals with growing perennials, decorative cereals and shrubs.
"Palejas", Miegūze, Laidzes pagasts, Talsu novads
57°16'3.173"N 22°36'6.077"E
+371 29711870, 29530272

The Big Cranberries "Piesaule"

The farm "Piesaule" cultivates the big cranberries in Sārāji peat bog
"Sārāji", Ārlavas pagasts, Talsu novads
57°21'7.906"N 22°41'51.839"E
+371 26211064, 26440154