Workshop „Cimdiņi” by Ina Valtere

Ina Valtere studio. Ms. Ina Valtere is a master certified by the Latvian Chamber of Crafts. If you are not absolutely sure about your abilities in crocheting, knitting embroidering or patchworking we propose you to take an individualised course where you would learn how the things have to be made. We can assist you in preparing for the journeyman of master exam in the Latvian Chamber of Crafts in the case you have decided that crafting could became your main source of income. The crafting efforts of many locals have resulted in beautiful blankets, cushions, gloves, mittens, socks, scarves, doilies and many other things exhibited in a permanent exposition. Visitors especially admire the fine needle paintings and carpets. Probably It is true to say that the human imagination is infinite.

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Rīgas iela 25, Sabile, Talsu novads
57°2'45.164"N 22°34'24.456"E / 57.045879 22.573460
+371 26152461, 25426323

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