Market Dižmāra


The funniest event of the year - the Fair “Dižmāras” [Grand Mara’s Fair]. The town of Talsi invites merchants from from near and far for trading, doing funny stuff and dancing. The most picturesque area of the town - Fabrikas iela, Lielā iela from Zvaigžņu iela to Ezeru laukums, Ezeru laukums, Ezera iela from Ezeru laukums to Ezera iela 5, the Town Square and the square on the Talsi Community centre - is put at merchants’ disposal.
The Grand Mara’s Fair is traditionally dedicated to a local crop which has to be different each year. Sequentially, it had been bean, cabbage, onion, pumpkin, sunflower, carrot, and in 2018 the crown went to the tomato!
Since 2013, the sister towns of Talsi also hold their festivals during the fair. Alanya (Turkey) days took place in 2013 while guests from Lejre (Denmark) were welcomed in 2014.
You are cordially invited to visit the fair in Talsi!

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Market Dižmāra
Lielā 19/21, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.166"N 22°35'29.447"E / 57.243935 22.591513
+371 26106959

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