9 hillocks

Leču kalns (Leču hill)

Leču kalns (Leču hill) is located near the Talsi gymnasium.
Brīvības iela, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'29.238"N 22°35'28.806"E

Krievragkalns (Russian horn hill)

Krievragkalns (Russian horn hill) is located in Jauntalsi (New Talsi).

57°14'54.906"N 22°35'14.244"E

Hill Ķēniņkalns

Ķēniņkalns - a legend says a Couronian king is buried here and people out of great respect for him brought soil with their hats and aprons to form a hill above the place where the king was buried.

57°14'33.414"N 22°35'33.785"E

Mill hill

It is believed to be a cult place for ancient Couronians
Akas iela, Ezera iela, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'47.144"N 22°35'33.443"E

Baznīckalns (Church hill)

Baznīckalns (Church hill) has been mentioned in writings long time ago as a cult place to our ancestors

57°14'42.025"N 22°35'46.633"E

Talsi Hillfort

Talsi Pilskalns (Talsi Hillfort) is the beginning of everything and the soul of the town.

57°14'35.502"N 22°35'52.634"E

Vilkmuiža (Wolf manor) hill

Vilkmuiža (Wolf manor) hill and Vilkmuiža Lake. Who knows whether the lake is called after the hill or vice versa.

57°15'4.972"N 22°35'24.749"E

Tiguļu kalns (Tiguļu hill)

Tiguļu kalns (Tiguļu hill) is the highest and observes the pace of the town from a distance
K. Mīlenbaha iela, Jaunatnes iela, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'28.169"N 22°36'11.174"E

Sauleskalns (Sun hill)

57°14'22.387"N 22°36'5.994"E