Art Blooms in Talsi

The picturesque Talsi has always inspired creative people. Not only have old masters from Talsi but also artists well known across Latvia created wonderful Talsi landscapes in paintings, watercolors and graphic art. Talsi Region Tourist Information Centre presents Art Is Blooms in Talsi – a walking tour along the route of reproductions of paintings; these have been installed next to the depicted landscape; the tourist center also offers creative activities in the city.

The Talsi landscape tour will consist of works by Frédéric Fiebig, Erwin Wohlfeil, Konrāds Ubāns, Arnis Zupiņs, Ruta Opmane, Skaidrite Elksnite, Inars Helmuts, Lidija Auza, Vita Merca, Janis Andris Osis, Romis Bems, Valdis Buss, Andris Biezbardis, Ritma Lagzdiņa and Modris Sapuns in 19 places across the Talsi old town. The works of art have been selected in collaboration with the Talsi Region's main expert on art – Guna Millersone. The project was realised with the support of LMT Latvijai and Talsi Region Municipality.

Everyone can make art in Talsi by trying out engaging activities and visiting the creative people of Talsi. Groups can have a go at solving the painted large-format puzzles by Andrs Biezbārdis and Guna Millersone, the bow-tie and tie master class by sewing workshop Betolli, visit the Ciparnīca studio's Tals' keramik', try their hand in creating paintings in the marbling technique at the creative studio Galerija Art, as well as creating their own souvenir at the leather processing workshop in the Creative Yard of the Talsi Cultural Center!

Skaidrīte Elksnīte (1929-2002) I

Kalna iela 10, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'44.7"N 22°35'43.022"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Skaidrite Elksnite (1929-2002) II

K. Valdemāra iela 5, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'44.138"N 22°35'9.334"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Frédéric Fiebig (1885-1953) II

Lielā iela 31, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.893"N 22°35'36.492"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Romis Bēms (1927-1993)

Ezeru laukums 2, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'41.885"N 22°35'29.342"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Rūta Opmane (1938) II

Talsi. 1971
Talsu pilskalnā, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'34.238"N 22°35'54.337"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Andris Biezbārdis (1950)

The Green House. 2004
Lielā iela 8a, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'40.459"N 22°35'18.719"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Frédéric Fiebig (1885-1953) I

Lielā iela 27, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.85"N 22°35'32.975"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Arnis Zupiņš (1926-2002)

Lielā iela 39, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.893"N 22°35'49.009"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Konrāds Ubāns (1891-1983)

Talsu pilskalna pakāje, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'35.941"N 22°35'49.661"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Lidija Auza (1914-1989)

K. Mīlenbaha iela 1, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.893"N 22°35'30.001"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Vita Merca (1951)

Baznīcas laukums 3, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'42.025"N 22°35'45.334"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Modris Sapuns (1979)

Lielā iela 29, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'37.738"N 22°35'36.607"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Valdis Bušs (1924-2014)

Laidzes iela 3/5, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'44.578"N 22°35'52.793"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Ritma Lagzdiņa (1945)

Ūdens iela 1, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'40.182"N 22°35'50.161"E
+371 63224165, 26469057

Jānis Andris Osis (1943)

K. Mīlenbaha iela 6/8, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'42.324"N 22°35'51.864"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Frédéric Fiebig (1885-1953) III

Lielā iela 35, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'39.386"N 22°35'41.777"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Inārs Helmūts (1934)

Lielā iela 41, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'39.289"N 22°35'48.775"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Ruta Opmane (1938) I

Kalēju iela 4, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.893"N 22°35'30.001"E
+371 63114165, 26469057

Erwin Wohlfeil (1900-1991)

Baznīcas laukums 5, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'41.885"N 22°35'44.138"E
+371 63224165, 26469057