Excursion "Talsi with a backpack!"

The Tourist Information Centre of Talsi region has developed an interactive excursion named “Talsi in good spirits and with backpack!” Before the excursion, each participant receives a backpack with nine hills painted on it. The backpack contains clues that are helpful in completing various quests: perform a short scene about Nārone, the king’s Visvaldis beautiful daughter,  drawing the ethnographic symbol Talsi Sun, putting together puzzles, singing a folk song by playing wooden musical instruments crafted by Igurds Baņķis, and many more quests. The excursion has been designed for primary school children, families and workmates. 

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Lielā iela 19/21, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.411"N 22°35'26.678"E / 57.244003 22.590744
+371 63224165, 26469057

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