Talsi Cultural Center and Creative Yard

 The predecessor of the Talsi Community Centre was the Fellowship Association established in 1887. The purpose of this association was promotion and improvement of the intellectual culture in their members and environment alike. Since 1912, activities of the association were being performed in their own buiding which had been built with donations, membership fees, revenues of lotteries and other attracted funds. The same building is home of the Talsi Community Centre now. In 2913, a modern Creative Yard for craftsmen, photographers, musicians and artists had been arranged in the courtyard of the building. It provides the possibility of seeing the products of local craftsmen and make a souvenir by yourself. Bicycle stands are at the disposal of visitors.

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Lielā iela 19/21, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'38.328"N 22°35'26.254"E / 57.243980 22.590626
+371 27842064

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