World Music Concert in Talsi

Raimonds Tiguls is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose records have won the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award for several times. Many of his songs have become very popular and, for instance, his emotional and deeply national song "Dod, Dieviņi!” (May God Give) had been included into the repertoire of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. “As for me, the performance held on the hill Tiguļu means more than a traditional concert, it is rather a ritual,” says Raimonds Tiguls. “I don’t want to formulate what it is.  You can come, spread a blanket under a tree and listen. Everyone would experience feelings necessary at this precise moment.” Raimonds Tiguls is a refined painter of sound sceneries, and a master in mood creating. His music played on a strange instrument called hang perfectly fits for the place of the concert “Otherworldly Music”. The concert takes place every year on the first Saturday of June, and, traditionally, other excellent musicians, his co-thinkers, also participate also.

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Jaunatnes iela, Talsi, Talsu novads
57°14'28.086"N 22°36'11.257"E / 57.241135 22.603127

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